Shriftman Media, New York, New York, October 6, 2014

CATM New York artists Michael Murphenko, Ezequiel Rosenfeldt, Mariano Cinat & Yasuto Sasada prove to be the embodiment of old lore, reviving the true greatness of past historic salons as they slay the International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Argentina.


Highlights of the International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Argentina, included angry, passionate discussions over Michael Murphenko's “This is Only the Beginning”. While others meditatively moved beyond the guttural reaction and allowed its inner workings unfold like a delicate and rare flower, dream- state induced followers were lulled into taking a melodious journey, opposite its immediate and harsh moral abrasiveness.

Ezequiel Rosenfeldt's masterful strokes wielded with immeasurable potency. Grandeur long lost was finally resurrected in his depiction of Bram Velde. Velde's unavoidable welcoming gaze greeted the populace as that of a dear, long forgotten friend, forgiving, but never apologetic. Rosenfeldt's shear scale and all inclusive scope yielded to the warmth of monochromatic proficiency. He left no doubt that the Biennale fulfilled it's duty of bringing back the days of the Great Salon, acting as birthplace to a new master and graduating his infancy to higher maturity.

The Biennale showcased Mariano Cinat's continued success with Untitled XV, fresh off the heals of its New York debut. Crowds acclimated to Cinat's eerily inviting worlds with eagerness. There was proud celebration as Argentina welcomed home one of its prodigal sons. As tales of Argentine’s former glory permeated the halls, Cinat’s work was triumphant.

Yasuto Sasada held his ground as his thought -provoking draughtsmanship puzzled new onlookers. All wanted to know the man behind the machine, but were in disbelief when learning he was but a mere mortal of extraordinary means. Hauntingly removed from his maddening efficiency, people were renewed by the advent of greatness, but remained perplexed by his inhuman perfection. Sasada continues to show the world that man is still a capable race and proves the near impossible attainable. Championing the resurgence of Petra-like wonderment he rallies and challenges the creative community to once again take up reign for the betterment of all.

International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Argentina
03 -10 October 2014
Centro Cultural Borges
Viamonte 525, Piso 3, Buenos Aires, Argentina



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