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Gallery Shchukin and CATM New York are proud to present Sasha Meret’s first major exhibition of 2017


Incendiary Artifacts of Past Digressions unfolds as a treatise on human determination, potential and brilliance. 


R2D2 and BB-8 meet their match with the whimsical recyclable creations of Sasha Meret.  From far, far away, into the future, Meret's characters bring awkward ambiguity into contrast with his former Giger-esque  menageries. Delving into pre-history Meret draws from parallel worlds in which direct comparison emotes queries well beyond the mundanity of our current techno-saturated world. 


Through dictation of mythologies, Meret finds solace from the rigors of Parkinson's. An oasis, the creative act has been Meret's savior as angels carry his genius on wings of effervescent glory. His Perseusian demeanor does not go unnoticed as he gallantly defends his universe. 


Using the currency of war as direct assertion to foreseeable conclusions, Meret boldly claims precognitive powers of transgression. Through lineage of the great chariot to the menace of nanobotic drones of salvation we are shown excerpts from the transcripts of history's interchangeably entangled cyclical wards. Meret epitomizes the spirit's inexhaustible potential and awakens bare root primordial urges both human and beyond. 


In stark contrast, his self consumptive eruption of pure thought combats the gravitational pull of otherworldly dimensions, resulting in a harried and tumultuous whirlwind of spatial inequities. As constant battles ensue between the physical constraints of a ravaged vessel and its unsuccessful attempt to regulate its cargo,  creativity breaches explosively. Landscapes of flight permeate and daydreamers revel as dimensional histories are interwoven into mangled and menacing complexity. 


Were it not for the repetitive acts of destruction and creation, the constant resurrection of pervasive thought and the persistent streaming of confluent forces, Meret's work would be mere mortal. As such his work attacks and retreats with ferocity, jarring the emotional essence of all who encounter it. Fleeting and at times fanciful one can imagine Dumbledore's silver threads of memories past, present and future intertwined into a convoluted crypt of oracle spectacle. 


As the world holds on to past glories, it becomes intolerant of new horizons. Buried and suffocated, old world mysticism is denied new world order. The charmed hierarchy withers along tethered shores of receding tides as the gleam of new sails dwindle into inevitable darkness. With all of creation consumed, only post regressive lament remains.  From the ashes of resolve arises Meret’s Phoenix of resolute determination, magnificent and glorious in interpretation. 


As echoes of romantic passageways of eras gone by cling to nostalgic remnants of long forgotten greatness,  Meret paves way towards unimaginable grandeur. Deities and angels brawl while razing the battlefields of time elusive destiny. Meret’s collision course with his innermost daemons is profoundly comforting. While repercussions from the great recess act as beacons lending brevity and enlightenment to impending and aboding gloom of a diminishing world, it is Meret's conjuring that elicits all expansive hope. 


Both aspirational and inspirational, Meret's work is redefining. 

Marvel at Meret's enormity of intellect and spiritual prowess.  See what others dare not.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    Shriftman Media, New York, New York   09 MAY 2017


Gallery Shchukin and CATM New York congratulate Sasha Meret and his Incendiary Artifacts of Past Digressions.


Sasha Meret’s vernissage, concurrent with Frieze New York, was a wildly celebrated event for collectors and contemporaries alike.


Contradictorily futuristic and antiquated, relics of a fantastic exploration into dimensional schisms were the highlights of Meret's exhibition of Incendiary Artifacts of Past Digressions. The opening act was a  purist challenge to the timeline continuum. 


Meret's Creative Spring is no less influential on the world stage than it's political counterpart. Combatting the human condition and its insistent demands, Meret has managed to compose a symphonic accomplishment of near staggering proportion. 


The environmental hub created continues the austerity of Meret's previous Shrine of Hronim. Walking into the gallery was as if  entering into Meret's private realm in which dimensions easily folded and flowed from one reality into another. Mythical creatures converged with mechanical icons of future automatonic folklore while his subtle underlying political commentary was gentle in its presentation with whimsicality and juxtaposition of dichotic messaging. 


The transformative nature of his work brought genuine levity to the crowd which engaged in musical giddiness. His piece, titled Mindless Artifact to Transform Roses into Weed, embodied the improvisational qualities of a masterfully performed jazz ensemble. Those in attendance  were impressed with the shear improbability of it all. 


Giving life to manless drones, Meret provided a social discourse on the desensitized acceptance of contemporary warfare. Daydreamers were put up high on pedestals and revered as modern day oracles. Meret's escapist fantasy provides solace to the disjointed confluence of radical political disarray currently underway. 

Incendiary Artifacts of Past Digressions remain on view  through 30th May.


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