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Shriftman Media, New York, NY  September 16, 2014

CATM New York proudly congratulates three of its artists upon their acceptance to Argentina's premier Biennale.

Michael Murphenko, Ezequiel Rosenfeldt and Yasuto Sasada, CATM New York's top talent, has been selected by a juried panel including Gregorio Luke, Vito Campanella, Ponciano Cardenas, Gyula Kosice and Maria Elena Beneito to participate in the Second International Biennale of Contemporary Art- Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Michael Murphenko, Ukraine, powerfully wades through the waters of ill content as war continues to ravage his countryside. Murphenko's outspoken cries for the preservation of cultural integrity are clearly seen through his poignant visual imagery. It is at the Argentinian Biennale that he will debut his latest offense in a line of visually aggressive commentary on the threat of Ukraine sovereignty. His loudening call of patriotic upheaval resonates with the masses as fear of the imminent looms directly overhead.

Ezequiel Rosenfeldt , Argentina, boasts a family of firsts. From the pioneering days of his genealogy, Rosenfeldt, submerges himself in the psyche of humanity, drudging through the darkest of fathoming recesses, to bring to light the deepest complexities of human resolve. Through the long forgotten art of portraiture, Rosenfeldt reflects back the commonality of us all, revealing in each the basest of base. His work is a mindful, psychological journey in which he hopes revelation will bond the ties of an existential awakening.

Yasuto Sasada, Japan, is expanding his influence to South America as his collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto leads him to commandeer Brand Y. As Sasada breaches new heights of success, his desire to be an artist above the draws and constabulary dotings of his followers, pushes him further abroad to bring his ecological warnings of demise to a broader audience.

The Second International Biennale of Contemporary Art will be held at the Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina 03-10 October 2014.


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