Shriftman Media, New York, New York, November 12, 2014

Irreversible Magazine and CATM New York announce their collaborative effort in bringing together 6 great talents for Spectrum Miami December 03-07, 2014.

Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille's Giacomettian address of shadow and light provides a mental frame in the succession of imagery that existence is composed of and relied upon. Her work's essence and slightness of figuration captures an instance, bearing witness to the minutia of life's composition. The fragility of the moment is removed from actuality and transfigured into an existential flurry of philosophical jargon whose quiet freneticism betrays its own simplicity.

Jon Glaser's bleak and angry skies envelope landscapes of abandonment. As remnants of distant past, imminent of decay and neglect, deteriorate, his morose song of lament is recorded for posterity. A moment capsulated in the eye of impending unrest, and a glimmer of optimism within its peripheral risen, is laid before us. Capturing the essence of the creative genesis, ominously inspiring, he documents ethereal possibilities.

Dirk Janssens is defiant against the ill intended cruelties imposed on a not so perfect world where what should be is as elusive as what will never be. Goaded along treacherous paths, passionate in his dogma, he treads forward on hollowed ground while trying to unveil the truth and beauty the world has to offer.

Alejandro Mendoza's Cartesian overview reveals scarred emotions replaced by analytical structures void of sentimentality. By annihilating his contradictive nostalgic longing and resentment of displacement and his attempt at remedying his homesick predication, he succeeds in the ratification of his present. Disparate, sterile, clean and compartmentalized, the removal of difficult realities ensues. His wait for Godot is without sense of optimistic reconciliation. His work, hermetically sealed, is in conflict with his depiction of the colorful and animate. It is reflective of a suffocating humanity with his self-deceptive denial, polished and apocalyptic.

Reaching the proverbial fork in the road, Michael Murphenko is faced with a series of dichotic insecurities. Between self worth and self loathe, want and desire, aestheticism and entitlement, his internal struggles parallel Ukraine's battle for self determination. Self-aggrandizement and the expunging of contemporary moral values permeate throughout Murphenko's philosophy in bleak contrast to his predetermined moral fiber. The needs of the few and needs of the many are in constant fluctuation as he navigates through unexplored territory.

Ezequiel Rosenfeldt's romantic depictions of brutality softens the blow of unsultry reality. Symbolic throughout time, the art of hand to hand combat has always been a great testament to humanity's strength, will and perseverance. As humanity strives to lift itself from its primordial pit, it is the endeavors of the individual that make the greatest strides. With prowess and brute force of stroke, Rosenfeldt chivalrously defends honor and fights for freedom from circumstance.  With valor and great intuitive passion, he lends himself to be one for all time.

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