Shriftman Media, New York, New York 17 August 2015

CATM New York is proud to announce the arrival of Argentinian artist Ezequiel Rosenfeldt to NYC for the premiere of Painted Truths.

From the deepest emotional recess Rosenfeldt reveals his most personal revelations. 
Melancholic brooding darkens the sky as Rosenfeldt conjures infamous Psyche from centuries past. 
His primal exposure of Man at its rawest reveals hidden inadequacy. 

He bares naked humanity under a spotlight of contradictory celebrious colors, confusing the established morals of right and wrong. 
With dimmed catacombs illuminated, the most secretive of base thoughts emerge unapologetically. 
Ugly heads are reared with no white knights to reckon as Psyche sits back with relish.

Through grimace and contortion Rosenfeldt brings a Dalian funhouse to life. 
All but the calming of cascading butterflies do we see peace and serenity out of the macabre. 
As morbidity sets in, possession and loss surmount. 

Painted Truths
Consulate General of Argentina
12 W 56th Street NYC
02 SEP - 30 SEP 2015
Artist’s Reception 02 SEPTEMBER 6-8PM

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